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This is not a real page -- This is meant to be a scratchpad to keep track of ideas and To-Do's for the site.

-- Private Lesson interest form


- History page

- Our Teachers  -- May move this under Learn if more top-level pages are added. 

---  Info for Students?   Maybe for each teacher?

- Membership page with info on membership, links to forms, ideally even online submittable forms.


- Instruments overview.

- WHAT IS TRAD?  (and what ISN'T trad)

- General photo gallery page?

- Blog page for guest contributors?


- Links to other similar organizations, & local outfits that support trad (Conor's, SCCS, The Ark, Gaelic League, etc)

-Brief 'about' info right away on the home page. -- DONE

-- Rework News & Notes

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